Related to a U. S. President ?

Everyone loves when they find and verify that a well-known person is a part of their family tree. Some of the celebrated relationships would be tied to the Pilgrims on the Mayflower, Patriots from the American Revolution or a U. S. President.

Using the online site ‘US Presidents‘ with all 45 presidents, the First Families, their Biographies, photos, their family genealogy, historical events and some documents. The genealogy section of President George Washington is very impressive, going back with the Washington ancestry to the year 1185 in England. Each president’s information is divided into section, look for the ancestry portion. The type of information can range from family trees to book on the person’s ancestry. 

You need to have some of your own family tree names in place so that if a similar surname appears you can further investigate it within the president’s lineage. It is a good starting point to see if there is any tie-in. Investigate by hometown state or town and see if there is a similar location in the family.

Keep in mind also that just because you find a match of a surname does not mean you are related. Within my family legends was the tale we were related to General William T. Sherman of Civil War fame. There were plenty of ‘Shermans’ on the family tree, only you have to check location also. Our Shermans were from Pennsylvania with the spelling of ‘Scherman’ and General Sherman’s ancestors were from Rhode Island and later Ohio, only using the ‘Sherman’ spelling.

So check it out, learn a little on the presidents and see if there is any relationship.

Photos: Grover Cleveland, Theodore Roosevelt and Harry Truman.

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