Relatives Around Me - New Feature in Family Tree App

FamilySearch has added something new to their Family Tree app. It is called Relatives Around Me. The purpose of this new feature is to let you know if you are related to anyone in a group of people. It can also tell you how you are related to them.

FamilySearch’s Family Tree app is a mobile companion to FamilySearch. Use it to add family photos and documents to your family tree. It is possible to add audio recordings. The app automatically syncs with, so you can pick up where you left off on any device.

To use the Relatives Around Me feature, you – and your potential cousin – need to be signed into the Family Tree app at the same time. The two of you need to be within 100 feet of each other. The app is available on both iOS and Android devices, and the interface looks a little bit different on each. In short, you need to use the Menu in the app and tell it to do a search.

Anyone who is signed into the Family Tree app at that moment, and who is within 100 feet of you, will show up on a list on your device. You will show up on their device. Click on the person’s name in your app, and it will bring up a pedigree graphic showing your common ancestor and the lines through which you both descend.

It is entirely possible to use the Relatives Around Me feature while you are out and about. There’s a possibility that the app will find a person that you are related to. It can be exciting to randomly find a cousin that you were unaware of.

FamilySearch suggests that the Relatives Around Me feature will be more fun to use while in a group setting. Use it while you are in a church group or Sunday class. Build a connection with your co-workers at a fun work party by finding out if they are related to you. A group of friends can use the app to see if they are cousins.

Every app has limitations, though. The ability for the Relatives Around Me feature to identify a person who is a cousin to you is based entirely upon data that is in FamilySearch. That means the app cannot determine if a person, who does not use FamilySearch, happens to be related to you. It also won’t be able to show you relatives unless they are using the Family Tree app.

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