Remembering the Meeting and Marriage

Gathering information about your family is not just names and dates but is truly the back stories, the lives that an individual or couple had. One of the simplest relative / ancestor to learn about are those living. That could be your parents or grandparents. If you have a great grandparent, by all means, interview them.

One aspect of an individual’s or a couple’s life is how they met their spouse and their marriage. If both parents or grandparents are alive, interview each separate and then combine your findings. With June a popular month of weddings, this is a perfect time.

Cover how they met, especially if there was someone who introduced the two. Ask about their dating and courtship and when it was decided to become engaged. For those who dated many years before an official engagement that can be quite a story. In my case, after four years of dating, then for about four years before becoming officially engaged, my boy friend would give me a small per-engagement gift of jewelry. There would be a heart pendant, a tiny engagement ring that hung on a necklace, then a small ring for the finger until finally, an official engagement ring (of which everyone else in the family saw and knew about but myself).

Ask about the wedding preparation, who served as bridesmaids and groomsmen and why a specific location was selected for the wedding. Write about the wedding day, the reception (if there was one) and a honeymoon (if there was one).

Your relatives will be thrilled you cared to ask and write up those memories. You could also do aunts and uncles.

Everyone loves a ‘love story‘ and none better than your own family.

Photos: A courting couple in 1890s, a married couple in 1916 and
an engaged couple in 1920s .

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