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The Allen County Public Library Genealogy Center (ACPL) is located in Fort Wayne, Indiana. The ACPL Genealogy Center is a unique and valuable resource for the Northeastern Indiana community and the entire genealogical community at large. Their staff specializes in genealogy and is available to help.

You can search the ACPL databases online by using the Discover search that is located on the ACPL main page. One box allows you to search their free databases. The other allows you to search the ACPL catalog.

In addition, there are on-site databases. They are data files that ACPL licenses from outside vendors. Those databases are free to use while you are in The Genealogy Center – but they are not accessible remotely.

Allen County Public Library Genealogy Center Databases include:
* Microtext Catalog
* Allen County, Indiana Resources
* Family Resources
* Indiana Resources
* Other States Resources
* Community Album
* African American Gateway
* Family Bible Records
* Genealogy Center Surname File
* Native American Gateway
* Our Military Heritage

On-Site Databases include:
* African American Heritage
* Archives Unbound: The Civil War in Words and Deeds
* FindMyPast
* Periodical Source Index (PERSI)
* Accessible Archives African American Newspapers
* African American Historical Newspapers
* Archives Unbound: Evangelism in Africa: Correspondence of the Board of Foreign Mission, 1835-1910
* Archives Unbound: The War of 1812: Diplomacy on the High Seas
* Slavery and Anti-Slavery: A Transnational Archive

The Databases and Files have been compiled by the library and its various volunteer corps or have been given to The Center to post on the web for free use by all. Each database can be searched separately. Please be certain to read the details about each database including search tips, for the best searches possible.

The Allen County Public Library Genealogy Center has a service called Ask A Genealogy Librarian. You can contact the ACPL at [email protected] and ask a Genealogy Librarian your questions. They can tell you more information about The Genealogy Center or give you a quick pointer to help you advance your research. They make every effort to respond to questions within 48-hours.

If you need more help than a Genealogy Librarian can quickly provide, your next step is to fill out a Research Request Form. Use the form to list the name/family you want researched, the time period to be covered by the search, the county/geographical area, and the specific genealogy research problem you need solved.

The fee for the service is $25.00. A genealogy librarian will spend up to an hour working on your Research Request. Please allow six weeks for delivery of your report.

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