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wilsonWith the Internet you no longer have to travel great distances to visit and research in the massive libraries across the country. The New York Digital Library collections are tremendous and available to anyone online.

The collections are not just with people and places related to New York, but cover many events, individuals in the country and even beyond the United States. In doing a search, placing the state of Michigan as the keyword produced 1,003 items. Some were photos but others were postcards, brochures and documents. The city of Chicago had 2,462 items visible online with the site.


Placing surnames produces many selections, either direct people with that name, others who were publishers of material or somehow involved in an indirect way. The name ‘Wilson’ had 2,142 items available. The name ‘Lyons / Lyon’ had 280 items.

house Louis Cass-MichiganJust use the Search box in the upper right side and place any hometown, state, city, event or person. There might be a great deal available. Always try different spellings.

When ready to try another name use the same search box and it will research all the collections and present a thumbnail of the item. Click on that to enlarge it for use along with any details provided below the image. You can right click the larger image to save it to your computer.

Use this resource of the free Digital Gallery (over 800,000 items) which offers digital images of drawings, illuminated manuscripts, maps, photographs, posters, prints, rare illustrated books, and more.

Photos: Joe Smith and Trixie Wilson – entertainers famous for theirtango-can-can’ dance in 1912 and a write-up in the August 1861 Harper’s Weekly on General Nathan Lyon of the Civil War and House in Michigan of Lewis Cass (1782-1866),.


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