Review of The Advanced Genealogy Search Engine - Day Two

Woman Looking at ComputerToday, I have the time to look over the list of results that The Advanced Genealogy Search Engine gave me. Again, I am using this genealogy search engine to find information about myself, and am using my first name and my maiden surname. I have heard that starting with yourself is a great way to begin, and this is the same search that I used on the MyHeritage website when I was reviewing it.

I counted, and there are exactly eight items on the first page of the results that the Search Engine found for me. I learned that there are at least seven more pages, just waiting for me to look them over. Each item is separated from the rest by a box, and by color. The first item has a white background, the second one has a light gray background, the third has a white background, and so on, and so on. This makes it very easy on the eyes, and keeps all these different results from blending together.v

Each box has the first line of text written in blue, followed by several lines of text that are in grey. I learned that this search engine emphasizes where it found my name in each result by displaying it in a bold grey text. This makes it easy to see, at a glance, if the results are something relevant to what I am looking for. I think this is going to save me some time, because I won’t have to go to the actual page the result is sitting on in order to determine if it is something that will help my genealogy research.

So, what is in the first page of results? The first item on this page is from the Kelvin Grove Cemetery, and is the listing for surnames D-F. The Jennifer Dahlberg listed here was born in 1940, and died in 1994. Clearly, this result is not about me. The second item on this page is linked to the website called Old Fulton NY Post Cards by Tom Tryniski. Here there are three Jennifers, (all of whom have surnames that do not match mine). There is a Laura Dahlberg, but I am not looking for a Laura who has the same surname as me.

The third item on the list is linked to something called Ridsport, which is followed by some words that I am guessing are Swedish. I cannot read Swedish, so this doesn’t help. There is one Jennifer listed here, with the surname Forsberg, and one Dahlberg listed here, with the first name Malin. The fourth item is linked to a webpage for the Newspaper Fulton Patriot from January 6, 1992, through September 29. Again, here is a Jennifer with the wrong surname, and a Dahlberg, with the wrong first name. Today, I learned that if you enter a first name and a surname into the Advanced Genealogy Search Engine, it looks for each word individually. I may have to try a slightly different search tomorrow.

< Return To Blog The ones you crteaed pages for? I'm not sure what that means. If you crteaed your own pages by inserting shortcodes, there won't be a tie to the database, so plugin doesn't know the person has a page. . I think if you run a page validation, it will find and delete the pages, thinking it an orphan' (you can run the validation and choose NOT to repair to see).Reloading a GEDCOM is always safe. It updates existing data, inserts new data, and in most cases deletes data NOT in the gEDCOM for people that ARE in the me and I can walk you thorugh it, or I'll give you my IM address
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