Roller-Rinks Over the Decades

This popular indoor activity started in the 1880s. People had fun skating on wooden floors and meeting up with friends. Buildings or skating rinks were found in small towns, and large cities, a great place to enjoy one’s self. Roller skating became an appropriate activity for men and women to do together, allowing young Victorian couples to meet without reprisal or rigid chaperoning. Your great-grandparents may have even met that way. It remained popular until the early 1910s.

The popularity of skating increased again during the 1930s into the 1950s, to be known as the ‘Golden Age of Roller Skating’. Adding music provided at skating rinks made it easier for skaters to plan and pace their efforts.

By October 1983 the National Roller Skating Month of October was declared. In more recent times, many styles of skates have been developed along with roller hockey, and roller derby.

Photo: 1910s lady in a roller rink.

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