RootsTech 2015 Video Archive Now Available

RootsTech 2015 Video Archive Now Available.  Find more blogs about RootsTech at is a huge, annual, genealogy conference that takes place in Salt Lake City, Utah every year. It attracts genealogists, family historians, and people who are interested in the technology that goes along with those fields of study. The videos from RootsTech 2015 are now available to those who missed them.

RootsTech has so much to offer during the few days that the conference is held that it would be impossible to check out absolutely everything. This is true of many types of conferences. People have to pick and choose which of the many offerings they are going to focus on – and which ones they will have to miss in order to attend the ones they are most interested in.

Did you attend RootsTech 2015? Was there something that you really wanted to check out but were unable to do so? There might be a simple solution to this problem. RootsTech is now offering free access to videos of some of the presentations from the event. Genealogists who were unable to attend RootsTech 2015 are equally able to view any video that is being offered. All of the videos can be found on the RootsTech 2015 website.

The Keynote Session that was presented on Thursday, February 12, 2015, featured three speakers: Dennis Brimhall, Mike Mallin, and Tan Le. The video is one hour and thirty-one minutes long. Dennis Brimhall is the Chief Executive Officer of FamilySearch International. Mike Mallin is the Chief Product Officer of MyHeritage. Tan Le is the Technology Innovator and Founder of Emotiv.

The video for the Friday Keynote Session is partially available. The video on the RootsTech 2015 webite is a little over fifteen minutes long. It features Josh Taylor who is the Director of FamilyHistory at Findmypast. The Keynote Session also included Former First Lady Laura W. Bush and NBC Today Show Correspondent Jenna Bush Hager. They do not appear in the video, though.

The video of the Saturday Keynote Session included two easily identifiable speakers. The video is available on the RootsTech 2015 website in its entirety. It is about an hour and thirty-two minutes long. One speaker was Donny Osmond, a well known singer and entertainer. The other speaker was A.J. Jacobs, a name genealogists will recognize. He’s the person who is going to hold the Global Family Reunion in June of 2015.

In addition to videos of the Keynote Sessions, there are plenty of other videos to choose from. There’s a video that features Thomas MacEntee titled “Building a Genealogy Research Toolbox”. Another video features Rhonna Farrer and Crystal Beutler. It is titled “Family History on the Go Using Phones and Tablet Apps”. Pick out the videos that catch your attention and enjoy what you missed at RootsTech 2015.

Image by Jingles the Pirate on Flickr.

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