RootsTech 2017 Innovator Pass Sessions - February 8

rootstech-2017-february-8-innovator-pass-sessions-find-more-genealogy-blogs-at-familytree-comRootsTech 2017 will take place starting on February 8-11, 2017. There are a series of Sessions that will be available each day. The type of Pass you purchase determines what Sessions you will be able to access. Keep in mind that these Sessions/Labs are subject to change.

Those who buy the Innovator Summit Pass can access:

* 9:00 a.m. Innovator Summit General Session – Presented by Liz Wiseman, President of the Wiseman Group, a leadership research and development firm headquartered in Silicon Valley.

* 10:15 a.m. Industry Trends and Outlook – A discussion on the genealogy and family history industry. It will include talk concerning investment opportunities, technology needs, and business and consumer trends.

* 11:45 a.m. Best Practices and Applications

* 12:30 p.m. Innovator Showdown Semi-Final

* There will be two Marketing Sessions, two Developer Sessions, two Entrepreneurship & Investment Sessions, and Two Innovation Sessions. Some will start at 2:00 p.m., and others will start at 2:30 p.m.

The following Sessions will start at 3:00 p.m.:

* Venture Ownership & Capitalization Tables – Presented by John Richards, CEO and co-founder of Startup Ignition LLC.

* The ‘Minimum Viable Product’ for Genealogy Start-Ups – Presented by Tammy Hepps, creator of and winner of the RootsTech Developer Challenge

* Next-gen features and the data to support them – Presented by Luther Tychonievich, Lecturer in the Computer Science Department at the University of Virginia.

* Handwritten Text Recognition Technology – Presented by Eric Pfarl, CIO of Qidenus

* How to Market Boring Technology – Presented by Andrew Klein, Director of Product Marketing for Backblaze

The Following Sessions will start at 4:30 p.m.:

* FamilySearch API: What’s New and What’s Coming? – Presented by Ryan Heaton and Dean Payne

* Family History Marketing and how to get people engaged in genealogy? – Presented by Dirk Weissleder

* Skinny Genes: Successful Lean Startup for Genealogy – Presented by Janet Hovorka, Development Director of Family ChartMasters

* How to find and secure Start up Funding – Presented by Bud Stoddard, Board Member at TSO Life

There are additional things that you can add on to your Pass (by paying an extra cost). One of them is called “Welcome Party: We Don’t Need Roads”. It is an 80s themed welcome party to celebrate early innovation ideas. There will be 80s music, 80s video games, appetizers and drinks, and a special Innovator Showdown announcement. The party will be held at the Marriott Downtown in the Grand Ballroom.

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