RootsTech Reveals 2020 Livestream Schedule

RootsTech 2020 will take place in Salt Lake City, Utah, from February 26-29, 2020. As with any popular conference, not everyone will be able to attend. Those who cannot attend in person can view the RootsTech 2020 Livestream Schedule.

February 26:

Photos Capture the Story – Jens Neilsen

What’s New at Ancestry – Crista Cowan

The Story of You on FamilySearch

Adding Branches to Your Family Tree Using DNA – Angie Bush

Finding Your Elusive Female Ancestors – Julie Stoddard

General Session – 10-year Celebration and Keynote from Steve Rockwood, CEO of FamilySearch International

February 27:

Unlocking the Power of the FamilySearch Wiki – Danielle Batson, Jenny Hansen, Jeff Svare

German Research for the Everyday American – Karynne Moses

General Session featuring Leigh Anne Tuohy

DNA, Genealogy and Law Enforcement: All the Facts – Blane Bettinger

Tackling Difficult Chapters of our Family History – Cheri Daniels

February 28:

Discover Your Family with Interviews and Sources – Mat and Rachel Trotter

2019: Year of the Copyright – Judy Russell

General Session featuring David Kennerly – Sponsored by Canon

City Directories and Other new Collections on MyHeritage – Mike Mansfield

Preserving the Fabric of our Families – Jennifer Hadley

February 29:

Ancestry On the Go: Ancestry App Suite – Peter Drinkwater, Kenric Russell, Victoria Smith

FamilySearch App for Intermediate/Advanced Users – Todd Powell

General Session featuring Emmitt Smith

Healing & Family History: The Emotional Side – Robin Wirthlin

Introduction to What Are The Odds? – (WATO) – Leah Larkin

RootsTech would like those who choose to participate in the free livestream to get into the conversation about it on social media by using the #NotAtRootsTech. The livestreaming will start on Wednesday, February 26, 2020, at 8:00 a.m. mountain standard time. Visit the RootsTech page about their live stream to find out more about each session.

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