Saline County, KS - Coroner’s Records

KansasFor anyone having ancestors from and around Saline County in Kansas there is an enthralling database in PDF format online. In transcript form are written out in alphabetical order the surname and given name for each person who died in Saline County for which a coroner was requested to help explain why the person died. Saline County, founded in 1858, near the center of the Great Plains state has grown from approximately 17,000 residents in 1900 to 49,000 in 1990.

Coroner’s reports were not just for anyone who died by mysterious methods.  Many times they were done to help know for sure (as best could be known by medicine of the 19th century) what a person died from.

As a researcher scans through the listing, besides the full name is the year along with the month and day of death. The cause and place of death can be the most fascinating bit of information. Several examples of what can be found include a man who died in 1903 when he was struck by the No. 1 engine of the Union Pacific Railroad. Or the gentleman in 1894 struck by lightening at his farm, or the man in 1871 who died in the Saline River while net fishing or the fellow in 1897 who died from a blow to head during a fight.

Besides how a person died there may be included information on a close relative or survivor. Where the person lived and was buried along with their occupation may also be found in the reports.

Some are very sad stories, such as Mrs. Augustina Scheidel who died October 15, 1926. The report stated she resided at 408 E. Walnut, in Salina.  She was 83 years old and had a bakery shop.  Her husband, Adam, was a carpenter.  Mrs. Scheidel died as a result of being hit over the head four times with a table leg.  Mr. Scheidel was responsible for killing his wife, and he also died October 15th from an infection of the brain.

Besides the Coroner’s Reports, which run from 1869 to 1929, the site also has a mortality schedule of residents in Saline County who died between June 1, 1869 and May 31, 1870 as well as one for June 1, 1879 to May 31, 1880. These one year mortality schedules, divided into townships, will provide addition information about birthplace of the decease’s parents, how long they lived in Saline County and their marital status.

Investigate a bit on the people and history of central Kansas by looking into the available coroner’s reports and mortality schedules for Saline County.

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