Save Those Emails to PDF

PDF It can come in very handy to have a method that is super easy to save your emails. An Internet server goes down it is great if the email message you wanted to save were on your computer hard drive and then backed-up on an another drive or disc.

The company ‘PDFConvert’ can do that – free. PDF means ‘portable digital file.’ When you have an email you want saved, just forward that email -the entire thing to the Convert email address: [email protected]

Within seconds that email is returned to you as an email and has been converted into PDF format. Now the only items it won’t convert are attachments such as photos, documents, graphics, etc. Those you can save on your own to the computer, just ‘download’. OR, use Convert’s attachment site. Again same thing, forward the email with the attachments (even Powerpoint) to this email address: [email protected] Having those attachments placed so quickly as a PDF can be very helpful.

You might wonder why not do a copy / paste of the email and place it on a document and save that. Well, there are many document formats (Word, Works, Excel, Open Office, etc). If you save it to one type, can it be shared with anyone else and their computer or even on any future computer your have. With PDF formation, it is an universal type, works just about on any computer for anyone. If someone doesn’t have a PDF reader already on their computer, it is free to download from the Internet.

So keep a folder with your collection of emails you want to save by placing them in PDF format. No software to install, no registration, nothing! A great way and easy too.

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