Saving Today's Digital Photos

You might have hundreds of digital photos (includes videos and documents) on your smartphone, tablet or a digital camera but are you preserving them for the years ahead?

To help solve that problem, Google has created Google Photos management. Start with creating or use an existing Google Account (you may need to download an app for the tablet android or for the iPhone), so that you can sync all your devices by signing into Google with one device. Then the photos, videos and document you have saved under your account will be accessible from your phone, a tablet or desktop.

You could take photos with your smart phone, then open Google Photos to begin using Google Photos to back-up all of your photos. Those same images can then be accessed from your desktop even after the images are no longer on your phone. Also, older photos on your desktop or laptop computer can be transferred for storage on Google Photos also.

With the global population taking trillions of photos a method of preserving those images is needed by everyone. It will allow you to free up storage space on your smart phone or tablet also.  

A special Google Photos YouTube presentation will also provide five tips of how to use other features with Google Photos. Items like facial and image recognition – now that is something !!

Even if you prefer not to use Google Photos, do save your present-day photos wit some method, just you like preserving the vintage photos, the future will thank you.

Photos: Google Photos and Smart phone.

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