Sayings for Family History Researchers

GenealogyIt is fun to read some unusual or funny sayings as they relate to people who do family history research. Strange … But So True !

Here are a few and see if they touch a nerve and might be spot on.

Time and genealogy wait for no man!

The best ancestors want to be found!

Genealogists are forebear hunters!

Genealogy is like a magic mirror. Look into it, and pretty soon, interesting faces appear.

It’s hard to be humble with ancestors like mine!

Definition of genealogy: When a step backward is true progress!

Can a first cousin once removed … be returned? My Personal Favorite !

You’ve identified at least a dozen spelling variations for your surname!

I’m ancestrally challenged!

Organization to help with genealogy addiction: AA (Ancestors Anonymous).

Your research breaks only happen on days that don’t end in y!

Money doesn’t grow on trees—but ancestors do!


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