ScanMyPhotos Can Preserve Your Family Photos

scanmyphotos-can-preserve-your-family-photos-find-more-genealogy-blogs-at-familytree-comScanMyPhotos began in 1990 in Irvine, California. Back then, they were called 30 Minute Photos Etc. Today, ScanMyPhotos operates a nationwide and international super fast photo scanning service. ScanMyPhotos can preserve your family photos.

ScanMyPhotos uses cutting edge technology and a team of trained professionals to offer photo, negative, and slide scanning, video and film transfer, and photo restoration services to millions of customers around the world. They commercialized a new type of super fast Kodak scanning technology that allows them to safely digitize and preserve millions of photos three times faster than before.

Those of you who have inherited boxes of slides, piles of old family photos, and the films from when you and your siblings were kids, might be overwhelmed by the thought of trying to preserve all of it by yourself. ScanMyPhotos can help you. All photo scanning orders are scanned in 5-10 days at no additional charge.

The photos that you have carefully placed into frames or scrapbooks can fade over time. Preserving them digitally can ensure that those photos are protected. Every photo you send to ScanMyPhotos is handled by professionals. Photos are scanned into 300 or 600 dpi JPEG files and saved on top-quality 80-year archival DVDs. They scan your order and then promptly ship it back to you.

ScanMyPhotos says that 300 dpi files are ideal for viewing, sharing, or making similar sized reprints. They note that 600 dpi files are best for archival and large reproductions purposes. ScanMyPhoto offers the following photo scanning options: prepaid photo scanning box, pay-per-scan photo scan service, or a family generation collection.

For slides, ScanMyPhotos gives you a choice of their standard scanning or their premium scanning. The standard scanning is their most popular 35mm hand scanning service, without color adjustments. It is 20% less expensive than the premium scanning. The premium scanning is more expensive than the standard scanning, but it includes professional technicians carefully adjusting images to achieve the optimum color and density.

Be sure to check the ScanMyPhotos website to see if they are offering a special deal. Their website gives you a quick look at pricing (even when no sale is happening). It is possible to order instant online E-gift certificates for your loved ones from ScanMyPhotos.

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