Scary Surnames & Halloween

Halloween-2There have been and still remain some unique surnames and given names throughout our history, and each one tells a great story. Maybe some of the most unparalleled ones are those that can be associated with Halloween. Of course the name may not have started out that way, but through traditions, it relates to something scary with Halloween.

Here are a few examples of real surnames. They include: Spirit, Ghost, Scary, Fright, Fear, Monster, Wolfman, Creature, Dracula, Mummy, Frankenstein, Voohee, Cobweb, Pumpkin, Terror, Evil, Skeleton, Skull, Death, Witchey, Dragons, Grim, Creep, Beasty and Wreckless. There can also be a few scary given names, such as Halloween, Ghoul and Boo.


Comparing census data, it appears that the state of Pennsylvania has the most Halloween related names for its citizens. Checking just the 1940 census there were 40 Halloween related given names.

Many surnames, such as ‘Witch’ can also have various spellings. halloween-4This English and German name can be spelled: Weech, Week, Weeke, Weekes, Wich, Wych, Weetch, Wick, Wickes, Wicks, Wix, Wike, Wykes, and Whick.

An interesting source to check about real people / ancestors with specific scary surnames or given names is Rootsweb database. It will provide a listing of submitted individual names and some information about the person. There is also the total number in the Rootsweb database with that name. For example, the surname Witch has 144 names, Horror has 4 names, Terror has 37 names, Blood has a large number – some 58,400, Wreck has 19 people, Scar has 147, Killer has 1193, Death has 11,771 names and Ghost has 558.

If you start a list you might come up with some other scary names. halloween-3Then recheck your own family tree, there just might be a few scary names there you hadn’t considered.

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