Scottish Heritage Uncovered

ScottlandFor the thousands of family history researchers with even a trace of Scottish heritage, the WorldGenWeb Project has the Scottish version which is an absolutely essential for anyone looking for their Scottish roots. The free resource and reference information on Scotland and its people was developed in 1997 and called ScotlandGenWeb Project.

Some of the available resources include the Birth-Marriage-Death Scotland Exchange, a Query Board, a photo gallery and Scotland Archives. There is a search box for placing a certain locations such as Ayrshire or Perthshire or a surname such as McGregor.

The Birth-Marriage-Death Scotland Exchange has some 77,000 records on Scottish individuals. Click on the ‘Site Search’ to locate a certain person or a family surname. Anything located will provide what information is known; a birth or marriage along with a contact person who submitted the data and their email address. Additional records can posted on the ‘Add Data’ tab.

The archives available are the Directory for Glasgow in 1787. The photo gallery has 21 images; places like Clackmannanshire, Midlothian and Tillicoultry. Other images can be submitted. The query board has numerous queries covering all the counties. There is a search box to quickly locate a town or a surname.

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