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Search Connect New At MyHeritage  Find more genealogy blogs at FamilyTree.comOne of the nice things about genealogy is that many genealogists are willing to help others with their family tree research. Of course, that help cannot be given unless one genealogist is able to connect with another and ask for help. MyHeritage has a new tool that can help facilitate that process. It is called Search Connect.

MyHeritage released Search Connect in early November of 2015. It is a tool that enables genealogists who use MyHeritage to connect with other users in a new way. Search Connect helps people discover who else is searching for the same relatives and ancestors that they are currently trying to find information about.

The way it works is interesting. Whenever a genealogist uses MyHeritage to do a search, the results of that specific search is stored in the SuperSearch feature. SuperSearch is a new collection that is located in the Family Trees category. It is now possible to start your genealogy research with a search through the SuperSearch feature.

At the beginning of November, SuperSearch contained more than 30 million entries of unique searchers that were made by MyHeritage members. The collection will grow, week by week, as more users conduct new searches.

Other genealogists can use Search Connect when they “hit the brick wall” and are having trouble finding information about a particular ancestor. Or, they can use it out of curiosity. Type the name of your ancestor into the MyHeritage Search Connect feature. If another user has made the exact same search, those results will appear.

In this way, Search Connect could help you save some time. Each result that appears includes basic information about the MyHeritage member who made the search. It shows the person’s first initial and last name. It also shows the person’s gender, country, and a list of their family sites that are on MyHeritage. An orange Contact button can be used to get in touch with the genealogist who was looking for the same person that you are now looking for.

Anyone can search and view the results in the Search Connect collection for free. However, you must have a MyHeritage Data subscription before you will be able to contact another MyHeritage user. That subscription includes an option for unlimited access to all historical searches on SuperSearch.

What if you are using MyHeritage and don’t want your searches included in SuperSearch where they can be discovered by other people? All you need to do is log into your family site and select “My Privacy”. Click on “My member preferences” and uncheck the box next to “Enable Search Connect.” Be aware that doing so will erase all of your previous searches.

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