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Amaz-old ironsidesThe online shopping site of Amazon just might have some items to add to your family information and artifacts. If you had a relative who served in a specific US military branch and you know the unit and / or regiment he served in, you might find something related to it. Putting in the Amazon search ‘military units’ showed over 53,000 items. For example, there was a Navy Meritorious Ribbon pin. Your relative might have received one such pin.

The site also has thousands of genealogical databases, some very wide reaching and other for just specific locations. Placing in the search ‘genealogy New York’ there were over 3,600 items. Most will be books (print or ebooks) but within the book collection can be family histories written by a relative decades earlier. There are books titled “Five Typical Scot Families in the Cumberland Valley” and “The Descendants of Major Thomas Jones (1665-1726) of Long Island”. Finding a whole set of postcards of a specific hometown would be a treasure chest of information.


Checking in a search “Genealogy Frederick, Maryland” had 102 items. There was a book on photos of Frederick during the Great Depression and World War II. If you had family in that area during that time frame of 1930s to 1945, there is a gold mine.

Beside books under the category “Everything Else” are numerous genealogy items. There are letters, yearbooks, diaries, journals, and advertisements for different businesses. A good resource would be discs or book with records, such as births, marriages and deaths for a certain location.


So check once a month, see what might be offered that could boost your family research.

Photos: 1st Armored Division Desert Patch-Old Ironside, Manchester, MD fire department patch, and book on Daytona Beach postcards.

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