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The site has recently added a very nice feature — ecard-WikiTree_Imagesone where you can send from their collection a free vintage postcard as an e-card to anyone with an email address. I just sent a birthday e-card today for my cousin, who turns 70 years old today.

It is not just birthday postcards available, but a large range of postcards. At the turn of the 20th century, most people were collecting and sending postcards to family and friends. ecard-Watched-CardFor their descendants who saved these cards, many have scanned them and submitted them to to be added to the collection for everyone to view and share. An additional feature is that you can scan family portraits, group photos, hometown buildings, etc. and they can be added and placed with the collection on

If you are not registered, do so for free with

On the site for e-cards, you will see some 19 sub-categories so far, more to be added. ecard-Fourth-of-JulyThere are sub-categories such as: specific US States, baby announcements, cowboy, Scottish, cat, baseball, birthday, etc. Click on any of interest, view them on the right side. If more, the button ‘Next’ will be at the end of the list. Then below that are ‘people and free-space’ images for e-postcards; many vintages, others more recent. Really cute, scroll down and you will see postcards titled: “You Might Be a Genealogist …” Check out that one for fellow researchers.


Once selected, click on ‘Send as e-card’, then select a vintage postage stamp to go with it, place you name and email address, along with the person receiving the card. You can add a personal message. Preview the final product and you can make changes before sending. Easy! There is no limit, so enjoy.

Photos: Examples of some of the vintage postcards available.



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