Settlers in South Australia

The early pioneers to the southern portion of Australia could have been some of your family tree if you had ancestors from Australia. Finding portrait of many of those early pioneers are now online and available.

Beginning in December 1871 and into 1873, a photographer, Henry Jones, assembled those pioneers and doing their formal portrait. For the male and female pioneer groups he did some 1,131 photos. There were another set of portraits done by Townsend Duryea, around 1885. These images have become part of the State Library of South Australia and made digital.

Besides some wonderful portraits, many have had research completed with additional information on the individuals such as when they arrived to Australia and on what ship. Some individuals there are not only portraits but group photos.

Use the search box in the upper right corner, placing a surname. Wherever such a surname is known relating to a photo it will appear in the description. The search will also scan the other photo collections besides the portraits. Who know what you might find.  Use the ‘download’ tab at the bottom for each image to save to your computer. Go to ‘info’ tab on the left corner to learn any additional details. 

Photos: Dr. Charles Gosse (Arrived in South Australia in December 1850 on board the ship the “Elizabeth”. Doctor, Adelaide); John Cox Bray (Born in Adelaide, South Australia. He was a Lawyer, Member of Parliament.); Barbara White (Barbara White, 1800-1899; nee Willingale, married John White. Arrived in South Australia in October 1842 on board the ship the “Taglioni”. Resided in Reedbeds.); and Rachel Wilkey,-possible (c. 1816-1895; nee Way, married Charles Richard Wilkey, then Edward Barnett. Arrived in South Australia in January 1837 on board the ship the “Coromandel”. Resided in Hope Valley, Modbury.)

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