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Many families have a special recipe that is beloved by all and handed down from one generation to the next. That recipe is important not only because it tastes good but also because it brings up warm memories of the relative that created the recipe and the stories that connect to that food. FamilySearch wants you to share your family recipe story.

Linda Clyde, guest blogger at FamilySearch, shared her family recipe story. She provided a very good example of what a family recipe story is like. In addition, she explains: “Family recipes tell a story. They’re often connected to people, places, and special memories. They have a who, a where, and a why. You’re making family history when you prepare and eat these foods with your family.”

FamilySearch wants you to share your family’s recipe story. You can do this in a number of ways. Post your family recipe on social media with #FamilySearch. You can also upload your family recipes online to It is a website where family recipes will be preserved and accessible to family members and friends both near and far.

Some family historians will immediately know what family recipe story to write and share. Their story might be about grandma’s pound cake recipe, or aunt Betty’s potato salad. There might be several family recipe stories connected to that food.

FamilySearch has a list of questions that can help people who want to write a family recipe story but are “stuck.” The full list has 10 different questions to ask yourself, or to ask members of your family. There’s a chance that one of those questions could spark a memory that inspires you to write your own family recipe story (and to share it online).

One great question for people who don’t know where to start is this one: “What foods do you associate with good memories?” The question helps you to tap into memories from childhood. Perhaps your answer is about the Christmas cookies that your family made together on Christmas eve. Maybe your story involves a birthday celebration and a cake that had special or unusual ingredients.

A good family recipe story is one part memories, one part emotions, and one part family history. It can also include the actual recipe that your story focuses on. The act of writing your family recipe story preserves it for future generations and gives you an opportunity to remember “the good old days.”

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