Sharing Your Family Data on 'TribalPages'

Tribal Pages lOgoThere are numerous genealogy sites for researchers to create, maintain and share their family tree online with others. One of the Internet sites is ‘TribalPages‘ where the family historian can set up their family tree and also have privacy in reference to the information submitted. TribalPages have approximately 300,000 members with some 80 million names on the website.

To setup the family website is free of charge. They also offer extra space and advertisement-free for an annual fee, from $24 to $48 a year. Once a web site is generated, TribalPages can produce various charts to illustrate the family tree. Using GEDCOM files existing family trees can be imported to the site. The website assists in notifying family members of information, like a family newsletter adding as well birthday, reunion, or anniversary reminders. Submitting images of individuals, tombstones or documents is easily done. A special feature of calculating family relationships is a great tool. Not sure if a person is your 3rd cousin or 1st cousin once removed, this will provide the answer.

The free registration is simple. The membership includes families from the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and European countries. Even before registering, one can browse the site for any surname. If one of interest is available, you can read further the information, stories and views photos by requesting an invitation from the person who set the website up.

There is a search engine to assist in locating certain names. Those will have listed locations and dates to help narrow the selection. Overall, a good and simple site to navigate. Clear instructions are provided making it a good site for beginners.

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