Sharing Your Photos and Files

As you work gathering family history and also get scanned many of the family photos and documents – you will want to share them with family members. One method is to send them a flash drive with all the items on it for them, but if you have several relatives you want to share in your research, that might be costly.

Instead, try Dropbox Transfer that allows users to send files up to 100 gigabytes (GB) in size for free – now that is Large !! That amount is for each time you send photos and document, not just one time.

It can be used by all Dropbox customers, including those who have it Free and those with the paid usage. It works with Windows or Macintosh, so everyone is covered. You do have to be a Dropbox registered user but anyone you allow can access what yo send.

Follow the directions with Drop Transfer. A neat addition is that you can select your own background for sending these files, a nice touch to those receiving them. The Dropbox is also soon adding so that you can do your own logo and designs.

Photos: Dropbox Logo and Dropbox Transfer

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