Sisters Day

For all our sisters, this special day, on the first Sunday of August, is for our biological sisters, our half-sisters, our sister-in-laws and those we think as our sister.

As you work on your family tree you do want to include all your sisters, your parents’ sisters (your aunts) plus any other generations back you can find the names and information on sisters.

As the saying goes: ‘Sisters are Forever’. Your own sisters you might fight with or have disagreements but they an important part of your life. That holds true for your mother’s sisters and your father’s sisters.

Sisters Day is not just female sisters to female sisters but also brothers and their sisters. Those brothers can ‘have their sister’s back’ – always looking after them.

That can be a really interesting family history story, the relationship of sisters in a family with their sisters and brothers. Keep in mind, many females may not have had a sister, but instead, a female cousin who was like to sister to them. I included just such a relationship – my mother had no sisters but was very close (like a sister) with her female cousin. They did everything together as children and even more so as adults.

Photos: Sisters Day with a brother and Sisters.

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