Sixty-five Years Ago

nan and harryOn this date, 65 years ago, a Wednesday, my parents were married in Bay County, Florida. The groom was a Captain in the United States Air Force and the bride was a LT in the Women’s Army Corps. As you can imagine they met on a military base. It had been November 1948 in Virginia and they both had just voted on the base in that presidential election of 1948, the one everyone said Harry Truman lost (but he did win). They were introduced by mutual friends over breakfast.

Using the online site, ‘Take Me Back To‘, you can do just that … check out the events and people on a specific date. Just place the full date you want to know about in the search box at the top. Demonstrated here is for April 27, 1949.

Covered are the popular movies playing, the newspaper headlines, any famous people born or died on that date, top magazine covers, favorite songs, the best books of the day, along with the top advertisements in magazines, billboards and newspapers. Not just the titles but some information on each topic is provided.


Some of the topics link to advertisements relating to products you can get today. However, it is fun and easy site to explore. Check out birth dates, special trips, or a graduation day.

Photo: Nan and Harry in their military uniforms. The newest book out in 1949 “The Egyptian” which then was considered a rather obscene book. Yet the book outsold all other novels that year and went on to become a classic.


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