Slang of the 1960s

The ‘Swinging 60s’ did have their selection of slang phrases and words.

You may well remember many of these.

Dullsville – This referred to a very boring place, especially many small towns.

Grody – Something that was disgusting or gross.

Bippy – It was one’s backside and became quite popular on the 1960s TV show ‘Laugh In’ when used in the phrase “you bet your bippy”.

Freak-Out – When you react to a bad experience and first used when you had a bad experience with drugs.

Bratty – When a child acts spoiled and misbehaves, wanting his own way.

Wheelie – A bike trick in which only one of the two bike wheels is used.

Nam – the shortened version to refer to the country of Vietnam, during the time the U. S. had troops there.

It’s a Gas – Something that is fun and enjoyable.

Gimme Some Skin – To offer to shake hands in agreement.

Don’t Flip Your Wig – Not getting upset over anything.

Catch Some Rays – Enjoying the sunshine.

Brummer – An unpleasant experience.

Include some in your family stories of the 1960s.

Photo: “Gimme Some Skin”

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