Slang of the 1960s

1960s-grooveThe 1960s was such a transition from established-traditional lifestyles to a more carefree-anything goes attitude. You surely have relatives who lived during that decade and remember it well.

As with every decade there are certain words and phrases one can associate with the era. The words can come from events happening, music styles, cultural attitudes, clothing styles, political events, movies / television, etc.

One from television many may recall was ‘sock-it to me’ from the show Laugh-in. Now a days, it would be rare for someone to use that phrase.

Many of the slang words of the 1960s were used by the teenagers.

The 1960s Slang Words

  • Bogart” – to hog something
  • Cherry” – pristine, completely clean
  • Chrome dome” – a bald person
  • Climb it, Tarzan” – a saying of defiance, sometimes accompanied by the middle finger, if you catch our drift
  • Daddy’s car” – a very conservative-looking car, likely owned by one’s parents
  • Don’t flip your wig” and “Don’t have a cow” – the response to someone losing their cool
  • Fink” – a tattletale (you were never a tattletale, were you?)
  • Hacked” – angry, mad, disappointed, etc.
  • Meanwhile, back at the ranch” – used by a listener to get a storyteller back on track when he/she would start to ramble
  • Midnight Auto Supply” – car parts obtained through theft
  • Panty waist” – a geek or mama’s boy
  • Paper shaker” – pom-pom girl, cheerleader
  • Passion pit” – drive-in theater
  • Real gone cat” – someone who marches to the beat of his/her own drum
  • Shake it, don’t break it!” – said to a girl who had a really great strut in her walk
  • Skuzz bucket” – a really ugly car
  • What’s your bag, man?” – what’s your problem?

1960s-lava lampsHere is another full list from ‘Cougar Town‘ of slang words and phrases for the 1960s to check out.

1960s-peace sign

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