Slang of the 1970s

slang flower powerIt may not seem like that long ago, but the decade of the 1970s is 45 years ago, nearly half a century. Many of us along with our parents grew up during those years. Just like any other time frame, there were the unique clothing styles, fads and slang words used as was found in any other decade.

It can be helpful when doing family research to be familiar with some of the terms and phrases associated with the 1970s. Especially when reviewing letters, diaries, journals, record collections, old photos, etc from that era.slang-1970s

A few of the more interesting words and their meanings were:

Catch my drift — Do you understand?

Keep on Truckin’ — To go with the flow

Be there or be square — make sure you show up

I’m out to lunch — Boy, I’m confused

Sit on it — Don’t speak or shut up

Juicer –A real lady’s man

Hairy eyeball — When someone looked at you suspiciously

Let’s blow this taco stand — Get away from that location

To the Max — The very best

Feel the Funk — Fell the Music, let it move you

4-sho — Very real, so sure

Crawford Run — A very strong powerful man

Do you copy? — Do you understand?

Flower Power — Peace rather than war

slang-1970s-aHere is a longer list of of typical 1970s slang words.

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