Slang Words from the Fabulous 1950s

slang-50-rockEither you grew up during the decade of the 1950s, or you parents or even your grandparents. It was a period for America’s youth when they really set their own path, creating a new style of music (Rock-n-Roll), dancing, favorite foods, clothing styles and especially their own style of slang words.

So to better understand what your parents may have been saying some 60 years ago, here are a few of the popular slang words and their meanings from the 1950s.

Peepers – were eye glasses

Agitate the gravel – to leave

Wazoo – a person’s rear end

The Heat – the police or sheriff officers

Razz my berries – something or activity is very exciting

Get bent! – you just told the person to go away

Cast an eyeball – to look at


Threads – that was one’s clothing

Frosted – meant you were angry

Radioactive – something or person who is very popular

Spaz – referred to an uncooperative person

Wet rag – someone who is no fun

Rattle your cage – to get very upset

List of other 1950s slang phrases.


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