So Cute & So True. Lighthearted Genealogy Sayings.

humorSometimes placing a little humor about a preoccupation a person has, makes it easier for others to understand that obsession. So the following are just a few lighthearted sayings and observations about all of us who love working on our family tree.

A genealogist’s filing system usually incorporates the floor.

Genealogists don’t get Alzheimer’s, they just lose their census.

If at first you don’t succeed, search, search again. That is why we call it re-search.

You have to write your own life story before your descendants to put a twisted spin on it!

Genealogy … it is in my blood.

I’m ancestrally challenged.

Genealogy without documentation is really just mythology.

Does your family coat of arms have too many or too few sleeves?

Any black sheep on the family tree really makes it interesting.

Motivated genealogists scan once—and then share across the Internet!

We love to research genealogy on days that end in “y.”

Family research zone. Disturb at your peril.

You may be called a packrat’ but in reality you are a serious family historian.

Grandmother’s telling of family legends can be just that … tall tales.

Every Person has a Story and every Story is a Legacy.

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