Some Crazy Ladies' Clothing Styles

Bloomer Suits – named after the women’s rights activist Amelia Bloomer, emerged during the 1850s, as a more comfortable alternative to other trendy fashion items of the era. They featured baggy trousers worn under a knee-length skirt with a vest. While bloomer suits weren’t necessarily bad for women’s health, they could’ve had a negative impact on their social status. Women wearing them were often harassed because the trend was considered a symbol of usurpation of the patriarchy and that the woman was trying to act like a male. There were even public meetings trying to put a stop to this fashion craze.

Hobble Skirts – were sometimes jokingly referred to as the “speed limit skirt”, but there’s nothing funny about the way it impacted those who wore them. The trend emerged at the beginning of the 20th century, but it was short-lived due to its impractical nature.

The hems of hobble skirts were so narrow that they impeded the wearer’s stride and significantly limited their movements. Following this trend proved to be lethal because it prevented women from moving freely and it led to frequent fall.

Bandeau Tops – By the time the roaring twenties (1920s) rolled around, hourglass figures achieved with bust-enhancing corsets were no longer trendy or in fashion. A flat chest styles and straight dresses at the time were very much in style. Women started using bandeau tops to flatten their chest and achieve a more boyish figure.

Unfortunately, regular and unsafe breast binding led to several major complications. Shortness of breath, overheating, and back and chest pain were the most common problems, but this practice also led to rashes and infections under the breast.

The style remained popular for several years in the 1920s. Check photos of some your ancestors, and see if they wore such clothing of the twenties.

Photo: Hobble Shirt of early 1900s.

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