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Research on a ComputerThere are all types of family lineage information available, you just have to be willing to look and review different sites to see if they can be of any assistance. The easiest ones to try in your own home or at a public library are those listed as ‘Free’ on the Internet. The following are just a few to get you started.

To begin there is ‘Books We Own’ a Rootsweb project.  Here volunteers offer the service of checking the family history books they have to see if it matches with a person’s request. By categories you can check a special item, like the Mayflower descendants, U. S. states, historical events (such as Civil War), as well as other countries. Find something of interest; you can email the person with the resources to make your request.

Ever had an ancestor who lived in New South Wales, Australia, then you are in luck. There is the free online database with indexes for births (1788-1911), marriages (1788-1971) and deaths (1788-1981) for NSW.  You get the basis information and then have the option to order a copy of the actual certificate.

So you always thought your ancestors arrived in America at Ellis Island (which opened January 1892), maybe not. From 1855 to 1890 many immigrates arrived to the American shores through Castle Garden, a 25-acre waterfront park at the tip of Manhattan in New York City. It is a fact that Castle Garden was America’s first official immigration center to process arriving newcomers. There are some 11 million records which include immigrates who arrived into New York  before the creation of Castle Garden.  The records date back to 1820. This is a free public database, one many people overlook.

Your ‘Old Kentucky Home’ might apply to some ancestors, so you have to review the free database of marriages, death and divorces in Kentucky complied by the Kentucky Office of Vital Records.  This site has the marriage index for 1973-1993, the death index for 1911-1986 and the divorce index for 1973-1993.  Placing a surname will show any matching individuals with their full names, the date (such as death date), their age, the county in Kentucky and the volume and certificate number so a copy of the record can be ordered.

When searching for ancestors you have to locate an obituary if possible.  There can be a great deal of information in that newspaper listing.  Using the free Obituary Central site they can offer an easier method of locating an obit as well information on cemeteries across the country. The ‘View’ dropdown box directs you to an obituary or cemetery search. Select a state and place a surname.  It can be start for locating some additional information.

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