Spice Up Your Family Tree with Historical Events

Each branch of ancestors on your family tree lived during a certain time frame or era in American History or of other nations in the world. They may or may not have been affected by each historical events (weather, wars, economic depression, elections, etc) but you can do some research to better learn of what events happened during their life.

The online site, Dates and Events – History Timelines, can assist you in that research. History Timelines helps to find clues for topics that might have happened when your ancestor lived. They may or may not have been involved with specific incidents, but these events often were in the paper and discussed in social settings. The great thing about this site is that the United State timelines can be broken down by state. Plus, you can learn a few additional facts about each state that you might not have known. 

The topics were broken down into Wars, Immigration, Interesting Events, Famous People, and Historical Events. Further topics as subcategories follows each major topic. Looking at Inventions, you see the timeline of well-known every day items. The Microscope was invented by Galileo Galilei in 1609; standard piano invented by Bartolomeo Cristofori in 1700; and the household push lawn mower was invented by Edwin Beard Budding in 1830. Who Knew??

Events such as the travels of Lewis and Clark of the newly purchased Louisiana Territory from about 1803-1806. These men on their return were celebrated a ‘heroes’ and may have been the main reason you had ancestors move more western rather than continuing on the east coast.

There are so many people, facts and events on the History Timeline to explore that could have directly affected you ancestors. Add some of these to the family history.

Photos: Lewis and Clark 1805; pioneers traveling the Oregon Trail in 1800s and immigrants to Ellis Island in 1892.

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