State Archives – Maryland to New Hampshire

archivesMaryland – The Archives of Maryland Online have a search box to assist the researching in locating documents and information. The type of information will assist in family genealogy and in general history research. The Maryland State Archives of Government Records include Probate records, photographic collections, birth-marriage-death records late 1800s to mid-1900s, early Maryland settlers (some 34,326 listings), land records, databases on slaves, church records, military records and criminal records to name a few. Comment: Will be difficult to search through, but you never know what you might locate. Check especially the documents relating to ancestors’ requests written in the state legislature documents.

Michigan – The site Seeking Michigan has oral histories, documents, photographs and maps. Much of the material is concentrated about the American Civil War and its relationship to Michigan. There is also the death records for Michigan from 1897 to 1920, lighthouses and life-saving stations, main streets, early photos, sheet music by Michigan composers, property inventories 1936-1942, election returns, and Detroit News photos & newsreel collection. Comment: An interesting research site for anyone with Michigan ties.

Minnesota – The States Archives at the Minnesota Historical Society has categories of ‘Family History & People’, ‘Places’, ‘Events’ and ‘Collections’. With these various subdivisions there is a huge amount of digital material for the researcher. There are birth & death records, censuses (federal and state), military records, Native Indians, newspapers, obituaries, oral history, maps, property listings, a large photographic collection (over 100,000), immigration resources, graves of veterans and Civil War letters. Comment: An excellent online resource about Minnesota and its people. Follow the many additional links on the archive site for other collections of documents and photos relating to Minnesota.

Montana – In Montana they are beginning to build their archive collection online with Montana Memory Project. The limited items include historical photos, local history of Flathead County, architectural drawings, African-Americans of Montana, along with many contemporary items. The site will later add historical documents, diaries, oral histories, maps, newspapers and more photographs. Comment: A Montana researcher should bookmark the site and continue to view the latest additions.

New Hampshire – The New Hampshire State Archives are just starting with numerous indexes listed. The New Hampshire Historical Society has a few online selections from the many slides, postcards, photos and stereographs the Society has available in their collections. There are a few of the manuscripts, ephemera and map examples from the Society’s collection. Comment: A small assortment online, but hopefully one that will increase.

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