State Archives Online – Delaware to North Carolina

archivesDelaware – The Delaware Archives have a separate section titled ‘Digital Archives’. The numerous sections include photographic collection with Delaware towns, churches, schools, maps, documents from the 17th century, the Civil War and Petitions for Naturalization. They have added the ‘Hometown Delaware’ collection of photos. So far New Castle, Kent and Sussex Counties are the only hometown regions available online. Comment: A good deal of historical photos and information is available online for Delaware, but not much as far as vital records.

Nevada – The Nevada State Library and Archives have placed approximately 506,898 searchable records online in the Nevada Digital Archives. Those records to date are only indexed death records and going back to the 1930s. There are no images of death certificates. Comment: The Nevada Archives only have the very beginnings of a digital archive and much more is needed for the researcher.

Louisiana – The State Archives for Louisiana have started to be set up on their ‘Multimedia Archives’ site. The multimedia sources so far are from numerous radio and television states tapes which have been digitized. Also included are recent oral histories, some African-American and political history. Comment: The Louisiana archives online is very limited, mostly to historical events. The state has not set up-to-date the vast collection of vital records and photographs and placed them online.

Arizona – The Arizona State Archives primarily offer their collection of historical photographs, some 35,000. There are an additional 5,000 images on the Arizona Memory Project site. Some of the photos date back to the late 1800s. Comment: The Arizona photo collection online is very impressive, but there is nothing of vital records, military records or other documents online yet.

North Carolina – The North Carolina State Archives have a section referred to as the ‘Online Projects”. This site has various documents and images in digital format. Some included on the site are Finding Civil War Ancestors of North Carolina, Family Records (Bible records, Marriage & Death notices), Maps (counties and regions), Newspapers (some area papers dating back to the 1750s), Photos, N. C. Aviation, Postal History, World War One and Treasures of North Carolina (with public, governmental and private letters and documents). Comment: A good selection of historical and some family history information. More can be added by North Carolina to make researching on the Internet more convenient.

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