States' Death Certificates

It is good to have bookmarked the up-to-date online digitized death certificates, death records or death ledgers from the various states. Some of the databases are free, some are fee-based. Each state is different on which time frames for death certificates they will allow online.

You will find some like Massachusetts covers 1841 to 1915, plus some additional ones for 1915-1917 in another digital database for Massachusetts.

Missouri has free offering use of a database covering 1910 to 1969. Then you have a few states where there are no available online death databases such as Maryland.

Using this listing, you can see if a state where an ancestor may have died is listed and for what years. Keep in mind where an ancestor died may not be the state they lived in. They may have gone to a bordering state to visit or for medical treatment. Also, they could have been traveling and had an accident in a state they were passing through.

Bookmark the site, ‘Online Death Certificates and Records – USA‘ to continue to refer to as you work on your family tree.

Photos: USA map showing each state name and capital and death certificate for 1923 in West Virginia.

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