Storage of Photos with Amazon Cloud

Amazon cloudMany methods to store one’s digital photos and using a couple different ways is the preferred and safest avenue.

You have the scanned and digital photos on your computer. Also have them on a disc and / or thumb / flash drive. amazon-discUse the ‘Cloud’ method as an alternative method also.  amazon-flash drive

One of the recommended ‘cloud’ storage services is with Amazon Prime, part of the online shopping service. Prime is about $8 a month and provides unlimited storage of photos. With ‘Amazon Cloud Drive‘ storage there is secure storage and access to the photos on a smart photo, your tablet, or computer.

You can start free with out paying for Amazon Prime, having about 5 GB storage space, that is quite a bit. You could increase that to 20 GB for $10 a year or 50 GB for $25 a year. For those who get Amazon Prime which offers other services, then it is unlimited photo storage

So using the Amazon Cloud Drive just might be a good storage method (using others also) to save your photos.

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