Stories by Our Veterans

Rare is the family who does NOT have one or two living military veterans in their family today. The Veterans History Project connected with the US Library of Congress should be one of the first places you not only do research but also see that your living veterans have their stories recorded and saved forever.

On the site of Veterans History Project, is a link so you can search veteran stories already submitted. Another link takes you to how you can participate to submit a family veteran’s story. All the details of how to submit are provided.  

If you have no living veterans, check with family friends and see if there are any. All veteran stories should be recorded and saved. It could be a special project for any civic or social organization.

With today marking Veteran’s Day – November 11th, make it very special by starting such a project. Any US veteran who served any time frame should be done.  

Photos: Returning soldiers who will be veterans, Grand Army of the Republic (veterans of Union Army from the Civil War), and a present-day returning soldier and his daughter.

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