storycorps logoThis organization, StoryCorps, since 2003 has recorded ordinary individuals to save their story, no matter how big or small a story they wish to preserve. These recorded stories are preserved at the Library of Congress in their American Folklife Center archive. There are over 60,000 such stories now saved.

All it takes is a little bit of time to sit down with an individual, ask them a few questions to get them to open up about an events, a time period or a very personal story related just to them. It could be as simple as asking them to tell what it was like to attend school in their hometown.

The online site of StoryCorps, has the details of how to do such a project. You can do it with family relatives at a holiday gathering or just when you visit them. It can be part of a civic organizational project, a church gathering, in a classroom, a military unit, in a museum, any number of places and times will work.  storycorps

Answering an specific questions about the interviews for StoryCorps is an online page with answers. It will also provide information if you find an interview already done that you would like a copy of.

So a good project for anyone to take a little bit of time to help save stories for the future generations.

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