Strategies to Back Up Your Smartphone Photos

Strategies to Back Up Your Smartphone Photos.  Find more genealogy blogs at FamilyTree.comPeople take their smartphones with them wherever they go. This makes it easy to contact a family member or to take a photos of family members. It would be a tragedy to have those precious photos become lost forever due to a smartphone mishap. That is why it is so important to back up your smartphone photos. Here are some strategies to help you do that.

Basic Backup 3-2-1 recommends that a secure backup should include three copies on two different media with one copy stored offsite. The basic reason for doing things this way is to ensure that at least one copy will always be accessible.

Your smartphone could get stolen, or dropped in a puddle. If so, then you can still access the photos that were on it via the backup copies of them that are on your computer. What if your computer breaks? Use your iPad to access copies of your photos that you stored (offsite) in the cloud.

Make Backup a Habit
The first thing you should do when you return home from a family reunion, vacation, or event is to back up the photos that are in your smartphone. Doing so can be as simple as plugging your smartphone into your computer and uploading the photos.

In general, you will have the option of deleting the photos from your smartphone after you have uploaded them onto your computer. Or, you can keep the photos on both your smartphone and your computer (with the computer holding the backup copies of the photos).

Store Your Photos in Dropbox
Dropbox lets you get to all your files, or photos, from anywhere you happen to be and via whatever device you are using. It also makes it super easy to share photos with family members who are also using Dropbox. Everything you save in your dropbox is automatically synced to all of your devices.

Put Dropbox on your home computer, and the Dropbox app on your phone. Go ahead and take tons of photos of a wedding, family reunion, birthday party or other event. You can put all those photos into Dropbox and organize them into folders.

Make Prints of Photos
Another option is to go the old fashioned route and make printed copies of the photos that you took with your smartphone. A super easy way to do that is to upload those photos to your Flickr account. Put them in an album. Flickr will let you create photo books from any album you created on Flickr. These photo books make nice gifts for relatives.

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