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The U.S. World War One Centennial Commission web site has one main purpose … to remember and document the people and events during the United States’ time of 1917 to 1919 in the first World War (known back then as the Great War).

One of the best methods is for individuals to submit the WW I veteran’s service and story along with a photo if available. This could be any individual (males and females) who served, not just soldiers in battle. There were those who were on ships carrying needed cargo, the ladies working the telephone switchboards replying information, Red Cross workers, and those who worked in factories in America making the necessary equipment for the troops. Anyone who served in any form during that war needs to be written up.

The site has it all laid out with easy to follow directions. Just scroll down and fill in requested information. Not only could you do any of your family ancestors but it would be a good project for a hometown to complete of its local citizens who serviced.

Here is the link to those already submitted and now posted.  Veteran’s Service Stories 

For each one submitted, it will become part of the National archived record of the World War One Centennial which is being created by the U.S. Government. You will also get an email respond to your submission.

Make sure you submit a WW One veteran’s service as soon as possible. 

Photos: Harold R. Johns from Stuart, FL – killed in Sept. 1918 in France; Line of soldiers; females doing their part; and soldier in uniform.

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