Suffolk County, MA Probate Cases

Boston is the largest city in Suffolk County. Many families have lived and worked in this county. This online collection contains the records of 33,068 Suffolk County in Massachusetts probate cases filed between 1630 and 1841. The probate cases include Wills, guardianships, administrations, and various other types of probate records. The cases range in length from one to over 390 pages, with a total of over 441,600 individual file papers.

Boston had a population of 18,300 people in 1790 and 33,700 in 1810 – so a fast-growing city.

If you had family in this area in and around Boston between 1630 and 1841, for sure you will want to investigate the database. A reminder, surname spellings could be different especially in the 1600s to 1800. So do try different spellings.

This site is with the American Ancestors of the New England Historical Society and you do need to sign in as a member. However, they do offer guest member access to check some of the databases – but that is to view the original scanned document and the available transcription of the document. You can view an index of information to see if there is a match.

An interesting resource to check out.

Photos: The Old State House in Boston; Index of probate records for Carshaw-Kershaw in 1754 and Hiram Kirk in 1835.

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