Suggestions for Father's Day

Father's DayFather’s Day is coming up, so you have plenty of time to work on a suggestions listed here that have that ‘touch’ of genealogy with each. No matter if the gentleman to be honored is your own father, your grandfather, your husband, son or nephew — any of these ideas will be appreciated. You might want to put several generations together and title it “The Men of the (surname) Family”.

Number one idea is to blend an image of the father and his father. If he was very close to his grandfather than a photo of him and his grandfather. True, no such photo may have ever been taken – but with the various photo software programs on computers you could quickly put something together. If not, there are photo shops or even places like Wal-Mart and Walgreens that could assist. Get a nice frame and you are set.

If you father has a collection of old VHS or reel to reel tapes, have some of them transferred for him onto a disc and made digital. They will last longer and he will have a nice way to see those old home movies on his television or computer.

Make a point to spend either Father’s Day or arrange another day where you really bond with your father. Use this time to interview him on his childhood, any military experience, schooling, occupations, home life, sports, hobbies, etc. Make it all about him solely. You can always spend another day on his parents, siblings, etc. He just might enjoy being asked about his life and you could learn some new information for the family tree.

Do some research on the family surname. You can also check with surname list. Have what you have gathered printed in a nice font, printed on card stock and then frame it to give him. It will be like his family name in ‘lights’.

If you have done a good deal of the family history research, print it for your father, especially of his side of the family. You father might be interested in working with you on further research.


Photo: Example of blending several images to create a common theme.

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