Summer Idea - Family Quilt

An interesting and different project to do with the kids this summer is a family quilt. Now there are numerous ways to achieve this. The simplest is actually a paper quilt.  Quilt

This is good for kids ages 6 to 12. Start by having the kid’s write out on a sheet of paper and list of relatives (present and past). True, they might only know some people by ‘Grandpa’ or ‘Nana’ but you can help them with the given names. If you want to add their surname, that is fine. Then do a count of names.


Using construction paper or colorful card stock, cut a series of squares just like a fabric quilt would have. Generally 4 inch squares is a good size but you can make it smaller or larger if you wish.


Using the list of names have each child write out a name per square. If you get or have an stickers that might relate to that person – such as a fisherman, cook, loves gardens, etc. add one or two stickers to the square for that person to make it unique.


With all the squares having names now, next lay them out in whatever order you prefer — oldest to youngest (top to bottom in a rectangle shape), or all girls in one group and all boys in another, etc. Use your imagination. If you are short a square or two, re-look at your list – there could have been a cousin or great aunt overlooked.


After laying the squares out you will see how big a backing of poster board you will need. If you want leave room at the bottom or top to place a title; such as Wilson Family or the Johnson Clan or Our Family. Using glue carefully have each square gently secured in place on the poster board or other backing. To help preserve the finish product, it can be laminated (usually done at an office supple or print shop).


The kids will be pleased with what they created besides learning a little bit about their relatives. For older kids, fabric could be used and fabric paint – here they paint on the relative’s name on each fabric square. After the paint is dried, the squares could be hand sewn together or by a sewing machine or also glued to poster board backing.


Enjoy – have fun!


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