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interior design yellow armchair on blue wallIt is great when you can connect with a fellow researcher, especially who is looking for the same surnames. Even if you figure that person is not of the same branch on the family tree (by comparing lineage), they just might be able to steer you into a direction or resource for that name you didn’t realize existed.

The Allen County Public Library (in Indiana) has an excellent database for the researcher today and the surnames they are looking for. It, the Genealogy Center Surname Files provides (with their permission) their name, an email address, when they placed the surnames in the database and what other surnames they are researching. They started this database in 1998 and they are individuals who have visited the Allen County library. ACPLThey provide three ways to search – using the exact spelling, a frizzy spelling and a Soundex method. The Soundex really helps when a family name does have a variety of spellings over the years such as: Rue, Ruch, Rouch, Ruthe, Rough and Rouche.

Remember to look at the list to the right of family names of the person you are looking for, especially when using a varied spelling. The researcher’s surname listed may not have that name, so don’t look there. When you have a listing with two or more surnames in your family tree it is a good possibly you have a match to a branch.


This is well worth checking out and sending some emails to see if there is additional information available and what other sources are out there.

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