Surnames in Great Britain 1881 & 1998

1881-KershawIn tracing your family roots it can be very valuable to know where the majority of a family branch was concentrated. If you had ancestors from Great Britain in the 1880s and even in the 1990s, there is an online method to search where most with a certain family name lived.

Using the PublicProfiler site you can place a surname in the search box. It will search only in Great Britain (England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland). You select to search 1881 or 1998. Keep in mind many people from other homelands and British colonies moved to Britain over the decades.

Once you see the map the counties with the greatest populations of people with that name will appear. Place the computer mouse over a county and it will be labeled for you. A separate outline of the city of London will show the searched name there also.

Keep records of what you locate, the county’s name and how popular the surname is there, it could be of assistance in later research.

Photo: The Great Britain outline map showing in 1881 the locations for the ‘Kershaw’ surname clustered in the central-western region.

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