Surnames in USA

Surname MapNational Geographic Magazine online has an interesting map of the United States where you can see the most common and frequent surnames throughout the country. Being an interactive map you can zoom in on a specific region, then a state and even to a certain portion of a state; such as the state’s panhandle region.

Besides the 48 states also Alaska and Hawaii are represented in the lower right side of the map. As you make your selection, just left click on the map each time to zoom in. There are arrows to shift over the map from the left to right and up and down.

Surnames within a state will be written in that portion of the state where the greatest numbers exist. The larger the print of the name the more with that surname live there.

So take a moment, look over the map and zoom into any of the states you may have lived in or had ancestors come from. See if any of your ancestors’ names appear anywhere on the map.

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