One’s family names / surnames are always interesting to research. Not only learning the origins of a surname, its original spellings or variations but especially if there were any notable or famous individuals who shared that surname in their ancestral lineage.

Using the online ‘Master Surname List‘ by Famous Kin site there might quite of few who shared that same surname on their family tree. Select the beginning letter for a certain surname, then scan the list of names. NOT all surnames are available, but many are there. There will be listings of individuals (many from the 1600s and 1700s) and when they lived and who are some of their famous ancestors.

Also, review the listing of surnames on Here are about the origins of a name, various spellings, along with which American states have the most individuals with that name. The listing of famous people with that name is also included.

So if you have not to date, investigate more into the many surnames on the family tree.

Photos: Common Irish Surnames; Top Ten Swedish Surnames; Common European Surnames; and Common German Surnames.

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Darrius Foster 13/11/18

Start with any local Family History Center in your area. There are resources and people to assist you. Bring with you names and dates and locations you do know. Along with the Family History Center is a local Genealogical Society. Again many resources and help available. Also, check your local public library.
alice 13/11/18

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