TapGenes Helps You Discover Your Family Health Story

TapGenes Helps You Discover Your Family Health Story  Find more genealogy blogs at FamilyTree.comGenealogy has always involved the creation of a family tree. In recent years, it has become equally important for genealogists to create their medical family tree. Putting together all the health related information that you discover about your family can be difficult. TapGenes can help with that task!

TapGenes is there to help you discover your family’s health story with the help of their TapGenes Health Tree. TapGenes also wants to prepare you for “life’s unexpected moments” via the TapGenes Personal Health Portraits.

TapGenes can help you spot health trends and track information such as allergies, medications, lab results, and doctor’s notes. In short, it is a flexible platform that has been designed for your family’s needs. It is important to understand that TapGenes is not designed to replace the relationship between you and your family doctor.

Not sure where to begin gathering information about the health of your relatives and ancestors? TapGenes has some suggestions. Their first suggestion might be the most obvious one. Talk to your living family members and ask them questions.

You may learn something from a family story that gives clues about the health issues that some of your deceased relatives experienced. Ask questions about childhood diseases that were prevalent when an ancestor was young. Inquire about diseases, conditions, or illnesses that seem to “run in the family”.

TapGenes also suggests that you take a look a death records. They point out that death records were kept on file for public health purposes to alert officials of diseases or trends that may be happening in populated areas especially major cities. To get started, they suggest you type the name of a state where your family currently lives into a search engine and to use the keyword “death index”.

All of the records in a death index will indicate the cause of death. This can be helpful if you don’t know what an ancestor died of and are trying to discover what health issues “run in the family”. For example, a search through the death index could reveal that several family members died of the same disease.

In addition, TapGenes lets you crowdsource your family’s health information. It offers the convenience of keeping all of your family health history in one safe and secure place. Use TapGenes to put together a family tree that includes everyone’s health issues.

It is recommended that users of TapGenes invite their whole family to use it, too. Every family member who becomes part of your Family Health Tree gets a Personal Health Portrait that can be accessed anywhere any time. This makes it easier to share a relative’s health information with another family member, or with a doctor, school nurse, or babysitter.

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